Friday, February 01, 2008

Some Ron Paul bits

"Super Tuesday" here in the United States is coming up next week and the primaries are still undecided and exciting. My favorite candidate, Ron Paul, finished second in the Nevada caucus, has picked up at least 6 convention delegates so far, and is now one of four major candidates remaining in the Republican race, albeit trailing the other three in most states. He has outlasted Tom Tancredo, Duncan Hunter, Fred Thompson, and Rudy Guliani. He will likely continue his pattern of doing better in most caucus states than in primary states, reflecting the higher energy of his supporters. Here are some video highlights of Paul at the recent debate at the Ronald Reagan Library. Here is a chart comparing his major positions to the other candidates.

Dr. Paul has recently picked up a wide variety of endorsements: contrast Arlo Guthrie with American Conservative magazine, for example. His new book, The Revolution: A Manifesto, is now near the top of the Amazon best-seller list.

Paul has introduced many more people to the ideas of liberty than we could have hoped for even a few months ago. Go Ron Go!

[Update 2/2/08 -- here is video of a good speech Paul just gave in Colorado, and Paul is currently tied for second with John McCain in today's Maine caucus.]

[Update 2/7/08 -- On "Super Tuesday" Paul did much better in caucuses than in primaries, as I predicted. He did particularly well in northern state caucuses. In Montana he placed 2nd with 25% of the vote. In North Dakota he got 21%, in Alaska 17%, and Minnesota 16%. Paul won well over a dozen counties outright, including (ironically) Lincoln and Roosevelt counties and (fittingly) Madison county in Montana. His campaign reports that he now has at least 42 delegates to the Republican national convention. This corresponds to hundreds of delegates at the local level who will influence Republican party politics for years into the future. Even Mitt Romney has now dropped out of the race, but Ron Paul keeps plugging away. Here [1,2,3] is video of Ron Paul's excellent speech at CPAC, wonderfully introduced by Bob Barr.

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